At the beginning of 2017 there were no scrunchies for sale. Ella decided to make scrunchies for herself and opted for cheerful and colorful prints and good quality fabric and elastic, bought at the Albert Cuypmarkt in Amsterdam. The scrunchies were cut and sewn in her dorm room in a house with five other girls. She looked for colors and fabrics that matched everyone’s unique style for her roommates and other friends and named the scrunchies after them. Her roommates and friends were ecstatic about her scrunchies and Ella decided to continue professionally producing fun scarves, scrunchies, hair clips and hair shawls.

From her creativity and passion for fashion and entrepreneurship she has Elastic ambition developed. In May 2017 she started the Instagram account Ellastiek and a few months later she launched the Ellastiek webshop. She did this in addition to her studies in Fashion & Management (AMFI) and later on her master’s degree in Business Administration Digital Marketing (UvA). The knowledge about fashion & textiles and marketing & business that she gained during her studies was immediately applied to Ellastiek. This led and leads to an excellent quality of its accessories and it explains the success of Ellastiek.

Soon after the launch of the website, influencers appeared with an elastic in their hair, including Benthe Liem, Esmee Noëlle, Chantal Bles and Xelly Cabau van Kasbergen. Fashion magazines, including Grazia and Cosmogirl, included the Elastic in their sections and the Voice Kids finalists wore an Elastic. In the first year 15,000 units were sold and still counting…

Ellastiek has already made customized scrunchies for student associations and fraternities of various universities and for sports associations throughout the Netherlands and will in the future enter into more partnerships with influencers, (student) associations and cool brands.

Ellastieks in all kinds of fabrics and colors are now for sale at more than 40 concept stores and fashion boutiques in the Netherlands, including We Are Labels and Things I Like Things I Love. In 2020 Ellastiek went beyond the borders: Ellastieks can be found in Belgium, Germany and France. A special collection of Ellastieks was designed for Etos, which was for sale in the summer of 2020 at 374 Etos stores.

Ella graduated in June 2020 and since then she has focused full-time on the growth of Ellastiek. There are many more cool campaigns, collections and collaborations waiting.

Have you become enthusiastic about this success story and do you want to start a collaboration with Ellastiek or do you want to get in touch with Ella Timmers? Then send an email to [email protected] .