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This limited-edition Spierstiek & Frédériquestiek was created in collaboration with hockey international and Olympic gold medalist Frédérique Matla. Frédérique Matla has been an ambassador for Muscles for Muscles for years and therefore knows how important it is that your muscles work, which is not so common to everyone. The proceeds of your purchased Ellastiek, with a gold color of the medal and a special Spieren voor Spieren print, go to the Spieren voor Spieren foundation. Do you want more about the mission of SvS? The link to the website can be found here .

Important: This set is specially made per order, so the delivery time is 2-4 weeks. If you have also ordered another item from the Ellastiek webshop, this item will be delivered according to the normal shipping time (1-2 working days) and you will receive the set later.

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