scrunchie, elastic, panther


Ellastiek strives for a colorful street scene in which everyone has his or her unique style. We offer self-confident women trendy and personalized accessories of good quality with which they can complete their personal outfit every day. From nice scarves, scrunchies and hair clips to bucket hats and hair scarves.

Elastic stands for feminine nonchalance, simplicity and quality, fun and creativity. We color the street scene with trendy and personalized accessories. We believe that color and nonchalance make everyday life that little bit more exciting and challenging. Our playful items complete any outfit in a quick and simple way. Your hair in a bun quickly? With Ellastiek you make it ‘creative but simple’! Going to the gym after work? A hip panther print bag from Ellastiek fits your laptop and your sports outfit, handy and fashionable.




Ella Timmers designed and made the first scrunchie on a pink sewing machine in her dorm room. The very first scrunchie brand in the Netherlands was soon established. The name Ellastiek was of course meant to be. We have now long outgrown that student room, the collection has expanded and it is made by local studios in Amsterdam. We are always looking for colorful and unique quality fabrics to turn a simple accessory into a personal and fashionable item. With our accessories you emphasize your unique style. Sometimes you just look for the connection in your sports or friends club. Then choose our customized Elastic.

Ella wants to let even more women (and men!) shine with an Elastic item in the future! Why? It brings more fun to your daily life and we Ell need a little bit more of that!

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