Ellastiek scrunchie met logo

Ellastiek has already designed a unique Ellastiek for more than 200 sports teams, associations, companies and fraternities. The scrunchies are all made of the beautiful fabrics in the colors that suit these groups of friends, colleagues and sports teams. As of now, it is also possible to design a scrunchie with a unique logo, a number, a symbol or whatever! Do you already have a cool design in mind for your group of friends? Let us know! This is how it works:

  1. Choose a scrunchie design, size, color(s) and fabric. See the scrunchie design & size options below. Send your wishes and ideas to Let us know how many scrunchies are involved.
  2. We will process your request as soon as possible and send you a design proposal and information about the costs.
  3. When we have come to a great design together, it takes about 2-3 weeks before you receive the unique Ellastieks!

Let your group of friends shine with a unique Ellastiek! This is how you stay a little connected in this crazy time…

Choose a scrunchie design

Ellastiek template customized scrunchie met logo
1a. Singlestiek
Scrunchie in unieke kleur
Ellastiek customized scrunchie met panter print en logo
1b. Singlestiek
Scrunchie met print
Ellastiek scrunchie lila
2. Doublestiek
Scrunchie gemaakt van twee
 verschillende stoffen/kleuren
Ellastiek scrunchie 3 kleuren
3. Triplestiek
Scrunchie gemaakt van drie
verschillende stoffen/kleuren.
Ellastiek scrunchie beige en bruin
4. Quadruplestiek
Scrunchie van twee of vier verschillende stoffen en kleuren.
Ellastiek scrunchie met logo
5. Logostiek
Scrunchie gemaakt met logo van jouw bedrijf, dispuut of vereniging

Choose a scrunchie size

Ellastiek lichtbruine scrunchie met logo
Ellastiek scrunchie met panterprint
Ellastiek lila oversized scrunchie

Send an email to or fill in the contact form below.


    “From a lustrum Ellastiek with the Colombian flag to scrunchies with a jungle print as a napkin ring on the table. Ellastiek always thinks along with you and no idea is too crazy. The Ellastiek is of very good quality and make everything a little bit more fun! We love that !”

    • Emilie Mooij
    Ellastiek rood met wit customized scrunchie

    “I have already made a large purchase for the second time at Ellastiek. She has personalized it for our sports club. Ella thinks along well with you and really looks for the right colors, which ensures a amazing result and a lot of enthusiastic girls!”

    • Myrthe Groothuis
    Ellastiek rood met wit customized scrunchie
    Ellastiek rood met wit customized scrunchie
    Ellastiek rood met wit customized scrunchie